Our Story


The Back Story - The Why

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak made a sweeping statement, “Indians Lack Creativity” during his visit to India in February 2018. Steve pointed out that Indians measure success with academic excellence and a stable job, but lack creativity. He also emphasized, “The creativity gets left out when your behaviour is too predictable and structured, everyone is similar”.

Indian Education and Rote Learning
Although I disagree with Steve in terms of the stereotype and generalization, I have definitely experienced that Indian schooling and education system emphasizes on rote learning, which diminishes overall creativity in children. So I began introspecting and wondered how I can further contribute to the nurturing and enhancement of creative process in India. Indian education system needs structural reforms to encourage creativity and innovation. In fact if one analyses the deeper issues, being a developing country we discourage risk taking and creativity requires taking risks and risking failure.
Coming up with creative and innovative ideas also require risking ridicule.

Encouraging Creativity, Empowering Creatives - The What

Empowering creatives (and introverts) has been my lifetime mission since 2010. I had realized that social media and blogs have empowered creative people to showcase their creativity to the whole world. Creative people need to be trained and coached on knowledge and skills required for success in digital world. Blogging is a platform creative people can use to showcase their creative output and freelancers can showcase their creative portfolios online.

Connecting the Dots - The How

Storytelling has been gaining popularity in the digital world and social media has democratized storytelling.
Everyone has inherent creativity and a story to tell. In fact I personally believe storytelling is a higher and structured form of creativity. Or in other words storytelling is Narrative + Meaning. So I decided to connect the dots and empower creatives/ encourage creativity one step at a time.

I looked for like minded people, did the necessary research & administrative work and decided to launch the Alliance nearly one year from Steve Woznaik’s interview.

The name Bloggers Alliance was finalized as a platform

“for the bloggers, by the bloggers”

Bloggers Alliance is Born

The introspection led to the idea of creating an association of bloggers, storytellers and creators. The name Bloggers Alliance was finalized as a platform “for the bloggers, by the bloggers”.

At Bloggers Alliance, we aim to inspire and guide bloggers to become storytellers and storytellers to become better storytellers. We intend to bring out the creativity and stories in as many people as we can. Our punchline reflects our mission aptly, “ Hand-holding Bloggers on the Road to Success”

As narrated by Dr Amit Nagpal, President & Co Founder